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Kalvan Kingmaker
Kalvan Kingmaker
John F. Carr and Roland Green
(EPUB 2950k) (Kindle 3108k)
Pequod Press

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Kalvan Kingmaker" opens right after King Kalvan's decisive victory over Styphon's House at the Battle of Phyrax, where the Holy Host of Styphon was defeated and driven from the field.

With Great King Kaiphranos in morning over the death of his eldest son, the time is ripe for the Army of Host-Hostigos to invade Harphax and topple the Iron Throne for good.

Back in Balph, the Holy City of Styphon's House, the Inner Circle is reeling, and not just from the Daemon Kalvan's military victories. Archpriest Roxthar has begun the first stage of a full-blown Inquisition of Styphon's House, blaming the Temple's defeats upon the battlefield on its corrupt and cynical leadership.

Once Roxthar's reformation of Styphon's House is concluded, his next job will be to rebuild the armies of Styphon and invade the False Kingdom of Hos-Hostigos. His final solution: root out kill all the heretics and believers of Allfather Dralm in Hos-Hostigos, especially Great King Kalvan, his wife Rylla and their spawn!

Meanwhile, there is a great migration of nomads across the Sea of Grass. They are the wild card! As they cross the Great Middle River and enter the Sastragath, driving all the clans and tribes that live there before them, the question soon becomes: Will Styphon's House be buried by this human wave, or will they use the barbarians in their war to the death with King Kalvan?

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