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The Ophidian Conspiracy
The Ophidian Conspiracy
John F. Carr
(EPUB 664k) (Kindle 1080k)
Pequod Press

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In the far distant future, the Anomian League—an interstellar protectorate which serves as a guardian over the far flung worlds of mankind—is faced with a possible rebellion on the world of Seker. The Ophidians, an alien race engineered from the DNA of humans, snakes and other creatures, had in the past used their psionic powers to enslave all of humanity. In the end, after a devastating war, the Ophidians were exiled to the backwater world of Seker where they have stayed ever since.

Now, with the help of the Order of Universal Symmetry, the Ophidians are reviving their dreams of galaxy-wide conquest. The Order of Universal Symmetry is determined to replace the disorderly humans in charge of the League with their own brand of rational and logical leadership. Using the Ophidians as their cat's-paw, the Order plans to conquer all the disparate and disorderly worlds of mankind, instilling a rational utopia that they, of course, will rule.

Once the rulers of most powerful of all worlds, the Ophidians have longed to restore themselves to their former stature. That the humans were in rapacious disagreement would play right into their hands. The Anomian League sends out its top Special Investigator to resolve the plot before it breaks out into another galaxy-wide war. With the fate of mankind on his shoulders, understaffed and with minimal resources, Investigator Veblen will have to pull off a miracle to undermine and stop the Ophidian Conspiracy.

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