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WarWorld - The Battle of Sauron
WarWorld - The Battle of Sauron
John F. Carr and Don Hawthorne
(EPUB 656k) (Kindle 1748k)
Pequod Press

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The Battle of Sauron chronicles the final battle in the war between the Empire of Man and the Sauron Coalition of Seccession.

This is the battle that will determine whether mankind is supplanted by the Saurons, a race dedicated to the military arts, or continues to reign triumphant over the disparate and far flung worlds of man.

When a shipload of Saurons bent on conquest arrive unexepectdly, War World goes from pest-hole to Hellhole!

War World is a future warfare series created by John F. Carr and Jerry Pournelle inspired by the works of H. Beam Piper. The War World volumes include five original short story collections, two novels and are part of Pournelle's CoDominium and Empire of Man Future History, spanning several thousand years.

War World takes place on a barely-habitable moon named Haven, or War World as it becomes known. Haven is a hard scrabble world of extreme temperatures, hard radiation, deadly flora and fauna, wastelands and breeds the toughest denizens in human occupied space. The New Harmonies had been the original owners and settlers of Haven until the CoDominium decided any place that inhospitable would make an excellent dumping ground for political exiles, troublesome minorities and garden variety criminals. During the Imperium, Haven became a prime recruiting ground for the Imperial Marines, but was one of the first worlds abandoned when the war against the Sauron dominated Coalition got ugly.

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