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Time Crime
Time Crime
H. Beam Piper and John F. Carr
Hardback 203 pages
Pequod Press

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Time Crime was originally published in Astounding Science Fiction in 1955 as a two-part serial with illustrations by Kelly Freas.

Many readers have long believed that this short novel was incomplete, due to its abrupt ending. John F. Carr, who has continued H. Beam Piper’s Kalvan series, has written a new third part to this intriguing novel, adding vital information about the depths to which the Wizard Traders have infiltrated Home Time Line.

The Paratimers’ ability to travel to an uncountable number of alternate timelines has allowed the decadent First Level society to thrive as the ultimate parasites for over ten millenniums. Moving secretly from different levels and time-lines, they live off the wealth and creativity of countless alternate worlds. The Paratimers, like any successful symbiots, must conduct their activities in complete secrecy without warning their hosts. It’s up to the Paratime Police to make sure the Paratime Secret is protected.

Verkan Vall, Special Assistant to the Paratime Police Chief, faces a conspiracy that threatens to undermine the stability of Home Time Line civilization. The Paratime Police uncover a First Level slave ring which is looting outtime worlds and harvesting slaves for debauched Home Time Liners. The Paratime Police quickly discover that this criminal organization, called the Wizard Traders, has its tentacles into every institution on Home Time Line including the Executive Council. As Verkan Vall and the Paratime Police search out the hidden bases of the Wizard Traders, the crime-syndicate seeks to undermine the Paratime Police’s support on First Level. Time Crime reveals an insidious conspiracy that threatens not only the Paratime Secret, but the end of Home Time Line and the First Level civilization it harbors.

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