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The Fireseed Wars
The Fireseed Wars
John F. Carr
Hardback 534 pages
Pequod Press

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The Fireseed Wars is the fifth book in the Kalvan Saga and opens right after the Siege of Tarr-Hostigos, with Great King Kalvan in full retreat from the victorious armies of Styphonís House. With the Kingdom of Hos-Hostigos in ruins and under Investigation, King Kalvan faces his greatest challenge since arriving in Hostigos. Kalvan has to find a way to outrun the Grand Host of Styphonís House and save his subjects from the inquisition of Archpriest Roxthar and his thugs.

Using scorched earth tactics, Kalvan flees with a quarter of a million refugees, a ragtag army, completely dependent upon him for salvation. To the northwest, lies the Upper Middle Kingdoms where King Theovacar of Grefftscharr awaits with his Navy and Army. Theovacar, the ruler of the largest territory in the Middle Kingdoms, doesnít want any competition from an outsideróespecially one with as big an army as Kalvanís. To the southwest, awaits the army of Nestros the Traitor, Great King of Hos-Rathon, who has allied himself with the godless priests of Styphonís House.

Verkan Vall, Paratime Police Chief, faces his own battles on Home Time Line as his enemies engage in a relentless propaganda war against him and his administration. Shackled by work to First Level, Verkan deals with corruption inside and outside the Paratime Police Department. His enemies are legion and threaten the stability of Home Time Line as well as the Paratime Secret forcing him to make the most momentous decision of his career.

Styphonís House on Earth has a new Styphonís Voice, Supreme Priest Anaxthenes, and he means business. Having defeated Kalvanís army at Ardros Field, the Gunpowder Theocracy is determined to turn the Five Great Kingdoms into their personal fiefdom. Itís no longer just a fight between Kalvan and Styphonís House; itís a war of total destruction. And Styphonís House intends to win by any means!

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