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WarWorld - The Patriotic Wars
WarWorld - The Patriotic Wars
John F. Carr
Hardback 441 pages
Pequod Press

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War World: The Patriotic Wars is the fourth volume in a grand reissue of the War World anthologies presenting Haven's history in a chronological fashion. This new release is a collection of stories featuring the dissolution of the CoDominium, the Soviet/United States world government that has kept the peace on Earth and in human-occupied space for the past century. Now, the alliance is collapsing as the Bronson cabal attempts to take over the Grand Senate and the CoDominium itseld. Some even claim the Saurons have a secret role in the breakup of the CoDominium and are behind the growing Patriotic Wars on the Earth.

Haven, one of the CoDominium's poorest and most distant colonies, is one of the first to feel the pinch as its fragile government begins to disintegrate, when the CoDominium authorities recal the 77th CoDominium Marines back to the Sol System. Tensions increase as local gangs and warlords begin to make their grab for power. Those communities farthest from the Shangri-La Valley are most at risk; it's now up to them to protect themselves from roving bands of blood-thirsty nomads and power-hungry thus. Some see the CoDominium's decline as an opportunity, while those on the edge of survival see it as a betrayal. The only thing they all understand is that Haven is now completely alone and on her own!

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