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WarWorld - Jihad
WarWorld - Jihad
John F. Carr
Hardback 422 pages
Pequod Press

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War World: Jihad! is the third volume in a grand reissue of the War World anthologies presenting Haven's history in a chronological fashion. Jihad! is a trade hardcover and includes seven new stories, a short novel and one previously published yarn.

The CoDominium is fraying apart at the seams, and to save itself the Soviet/American coalition is exporting Earth's problems to the outer worlds, including exiling millions of Earth's fanatic Muslims on Haven. Nor is this volatile situation helped when off-worlders from Levant arrive to support the rebels with military advisors and advanced weaponry. When Dire Lake dries up, famine and pestilence arrive with a vengeance. The Faithful believe that this is a sign from Allah: the time has arrived to overthrow the corrupt CoDominium lackeys and their Company sponsors in the Northern Steppes. So the Mahdi declares a Jihad and warfare breaks out with only a thin blue line between the jihadists and what remains of civilization on Haven.

In a last-ditch attempt to save the Haven colony, Admiral Lermontov sends in the 42nd Marines. Will the Marines arrive in time? And if they do, can they stop the jihadists and save the overwhelmed CoDominium Marine garrison at Fort Camerone? Or will they be undone by the Brotherhood and other off-world powers seeking the dissolution of the CoDominium?

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