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Rainbow Run
Rainbow Run
John F. Carr and Camden Benares
Hardback 264 pages
Pequod Press

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RAINBOW RUN is a novel of the far future, detailing a world where the normal rules have been turned over, and upside down. When one of its denizens awakens from a stupor, he discovers he's in the Rainbow Room, a triangular room filled with pitfalls where the first misstep will be the last. He quickly discovers that his memory has been stripped away, and he's left with no knowledge of himself or the world he finds himself inhabiting.

With the help of Errox, a mysterious and malevolent stranger, who names him Rathe, he manages to escape the Color Wheel, only to discover that the danger outside in the urbodes is omnipresent and difficult to evade. Everywhere Rathe turns, everyone he meets is only interested in using him for their own advancement in the war of shades. In a world where the color of your wristlock determines your fate, Rathe is a lost soul desperately trying to learn the rules of a game that has no rules.

Meanwhile, Rathe is on a quest to find out his true identity and why he was brain-wiped. The answers are everywhere and nowhere. Most of the people he meets are so busy playing the Color Game they have little or no awareness of the larger world they inhabit. In this world, only those wearing the rainbow wristlocks have universal access and immortality. Not only does he have to figure out who he is, but how to survive in the midst of growing chaos...

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