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Gunpowder God
Gunpowder God
John F. Carr
Hardback 517 pages
Pequod Press

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Now that the Siege of Thagnor City has been lifted, Great King Kalvan finally has some breathing room. Styphon's House has left the Upper Middle Kingdoms to lick its wounds and make trouble elsewhere in the Five Kingdoms. However, instead of waiting for the Great Kings to realize they no longer need Styphon's House's support, the Temple has decided to put their own puppets on the Great Thrones of the Five Kingdoms.

The result is Kalvan's greatest fear—an all-out religious war. Styphon's Own Voice has ordered Grand Master Soton to put together another army, the Host of Styphon's Deliverance, to conquer the Kingdom of Hos-Agrys. The Agrysi League of Dralm begs Kalvan for aid against Styphon's great army, but Kalvan has troubles of his own with Nythros, the last bastion of Styphon's House in the Middle Kingdoms. He is more worried about this threat than anything that is happening in the Five Great Kingdoms. After all, where was the League of Dralm when Hostigos was under siege? A decision Kalvan may come to regret.

Meanwhile, Prince Phidestros has his own problems. Great King Lysandros is returning from the Siege of Thagnor with his tail between his legs. But Lysandros is not going to be happy when he finds out what’s been going on in Harphax City while he's been off fighting Kalvan. Nor will Styphon's House.

Verkan Vall is enjoying the challenges of being the new King of Greffa, but in his absence things have gone straight to hell on First Level. New Paratime Police Chief Dalla Hadron is having the devil's own time keeping the lid on the prole situation and it seems as though trouble is popping up all over Dhergabar City. After ten thousand years of peace and secretly stealing resources off of other time-lines, the hounds of war are finally coming to Home Time Line with a vengeance!

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