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The Ophidian Conspiracy

My first novel, The Ophidian Conspiracy, is back in print as an e-book in both the e-pub and kindle formats. I hadn't considered re-releasing this book until I ran across fellow author Ryk Spoor's online review.

It opens: "Written by John F. Carr, The Ophidian Conspiracy is one of the least-known SF novels (from a major publisher) that Iíve encountered. I have a battered, yellowing copy that I picked up somewhere - donít even know where or when, exactly. I cannot find the book at present, and it is so little known that specifics of the book cannot be found on the internet, so this review will lack specific names. If I find the book again I'll edit this review to have the character names and other appropriate details.

"Its obscurity is not at all deserved. While it may not rank up with the Great Classics of SF, it's a fun, well-paced, and surprisingly complex adventure that harkens back to the Golden Age, and could stand well next to the work of Christopher Anvil and James Schmitz."

For the rest of the review go to:

Anyway, this review encouraged me to have the book scanned and put into the e-book formats.

Another oldie but goodie that I recently re-released is the first War World volume, The Burning Eye, with 6 additional stories and story introductions throughout. This is available from the Book Store in both hardcover and both e-book formats.

I have finished the final book in the Kalvan versus Styphonís House saga (Down Styphon!) and it will be released this summer. There will also be a new Fuzzy novel, by myself and Wolfgang Diehr entitled The Fuzzy Conundrum which explains one of the biggest mysteries of the Terro-Human Future History: why have the Fuzzies not spread throughout human occupied space?

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