NEWS : April, 2013

Dear Readers,

Last year was a busy year for Pequod Press with several new releases, Space Viking's Throne, Caveat Fuzzy, a second edition of Siege of Tarr-Hostigos and Rainbow Run, the first of several non-Piper related releases.

This year, however, promises to be our busiest yet! Our spring release schedule is all about War World: first up is a new e-book of the second edition of War World: The Battle of Sauron. This will be followed with War World: The Lidless Eye, which will be published in hardcover and in the e-book format in May. These two releases will be followed by the long-awaited sequel to The Battle of Sauron, Cyborg Revolt, and the latest War World anthology, War World: Jihad.

In the fall, we plan to release a new Kalvan sidebar novel, The Hos-Blethan Affair, along with several Terro-Human Future History works. We will be publishing a new hardcover edition of Cosmic Computer as well as a new Cosmic Computer sequel, The Merlin Binary. In addition, we will releasing a collection of new and old Terro-Human Future History stories under the title, The Rise of the Terran Federation. This big book will include H. Beam Piper's early Federation works, including the novel Uller Uprising. There will be several new stories as well as an introductory essays by myself and Piper scholar John Anderson.

Pequod will also be releasing a speculative fiction novel by John F. Carr and Camden Benares, The Crying Clown Celebration, Vol. I: A Certain Flair for Death in June. This is the opening novel in a new trilogy that is more in the wheelhouse of Norman Spinrad and Philip K. Dick than H. Beam Piper. These books are speculative fiction works that delve into a dystopian future and are not for everyone.

This summer Pequod will even be publishing our first thriller by Jock Keel, Just Above. This year there should be something for everyone on our list!

John F. Carr

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